Siddharth Suresh


I am Siddharth, a second year graduate student in the Psychology Department at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I am interested in the intersection of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. My research interests including using computational modelling techniques like Deep Learning and Machine Learning to understand our brains better. I also use techniques from Cognitive Science to understand AI models.

I’m affiliated with the Knowledge and Concepts Lab and the Visual Cognition Lab. Prior to joining as a PhD student, I worked as a Research Specialist at the Visual Cognition Lab after graduating from undergrad in 2019. During my undergrad, I spent a summer at Brown University working at the Serre Lab. I also spent 6 months at VMware in Bangalore, India as a R&D intern during spring 2019.

In another life, I was a child actor. One of my tv series, aired on Indian National television (Doordarshan). One of my short films on youtube has about 3.7 million views. In my free time, I love playing the guitar, writing songs and playing table tennis. I have made the anthem for Hyderabad Hunters which is a team in the Premier Badminton League. You can find the rest of my portfolio here.